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Open association :
Juriconnexion is an association open to all persons (legal counsel, librarians, lawyers, notaries, central administration, banks, big companies, local authorities) using various electronic versions of legal information products in the course of their daily professional practice.Since 1988, Juriconnexion has entered into and actively pursued a constructive dialogue with producers, service providers and distributors. It represents the user’s view in discussions with the public authorities and plays an active role in the constitution of official legal databases. It works in conjunction with other associations and organisations with similar interests.

Independent association :
Juriconnexion is an initiative from different persons willing to take concrete actions based on their own experience and practical needs. It is also an initiative from persons independent from producers, service providers and distributors of legal information via electronic media.


  • improve the quality of products and services offered thanks to consumer-oriented actions
  • gather information on any new product and any development in existing databases to help users being more efficient

Activities :

  • Information for members

constant information on the development of servers and the launching of new products, presentation of new products, publication of brochures from producers and publishers, dissemination of collected information by means of newsletters, commentary on new products

  • ‘ Meeting with »

producers, service providers, distributors and suppliers to identify the full range of electronic products existing in specific domains (e.g. electronic products in tax law, legal websites etc.)

  • Working groups

Juriformation, a working group focussing on the assessment of legal websites and online platforms and the training of legal database users.Legal KMLegal markets, public data

  • Annual conventions

Juriconnexion organises annual conventions that gather together professionals in order to identify new trends in electronic legal information :

2007 : 10 Years of access to french online government and public legal information
2006 : Legal Internet 2.0
2005 : KM and the legal world : Could you be already practising it ?
2004 : Law via the Internet (6th International Conference)
2003 : Legal Intranet : use pattern(s) for a new documentary platform (how to optimize the use, dissemination and conservation of legal information);
2002 : Electronic legal data : a qualitative approach;
2001 : Internet, Intranet, Extranet ; Law at all costs – techniques and services.